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About MOT's

A few simple facts

Your MOT certificate confirms that at the time of the test your vehicle met, as far as can be determined without dismantling, the minimum acceptable environmental and safety standards required by law. It does not mean that the vehicle is roadworthy for the life of the certificate and is not a substitute for regular maintenance (This is an explanation taken from the government’s own website).

The point about no dismantling is important because, items such as brake pads & shoes (quite often) are not visible and cannot be checked for wear.

Without an MOT certificate, you will be unable to renew your road tax and in the event of an accident your insurance claim could be affected

A good place for further information About MOT's is:

Is my car due?
A car does not require an MOT until it is 3 yrs old, after that it will require one every 12 months.

I can't find my MOT certificate
No Problem - If we tested it last time then give us a ring and we will be able to tell you when its due. If we didn’t then you can check it by contacting VOSA on 0870 330 044 or by visiting their website at:

13 Month MOT!
Did you know you can renew your MOT up to 28 days before it is due without loosing any days! E.g. bring your car in 2 weeks early and if passes your new certificate will be valid for 1yr & 2 weeks!

VOSA and MOT Computerisation
VOSA (the Vehicle Operator and Services Agency) is the government agency responsible for the MOT.
In March 2006 they installed computer equipment in all test stations to record the results of all MOT tests. So although we issue a certificate the main legal 'proof' is now an electronic record held on a national VOSA database. With this has come many benefits:

Reduced certificate theft and MOT fraud
It provides better information and protection when buying second-hand vehicles
Enables you to buy a tax disc online at: www.direct.gov.uk/taxdisc


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