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Special Offers - Cut Fuel Consumption

Special Offers

Quick FREE 4 point fuel efficiency check

Report on tyres - Reset pressures
Check air filter*
Check condition of oil
Check emissions

* Not applicable on all cars

Top 5 tips for saving fuel

By following a few simple steps you will be surprised at just how much money you can save every week by concentrating on getting the best fuel consumption out of your car.

Sorry for stating the obvious but the heavier the car the more fuel it uses. Anything you don’t need for your journey leave it at home!

Aerodynamic drag is greatly increased if you have a window or sunroof open - Keep them closed.
If you’ve got a roof rack and you’re not using it take it off.
For the technically minded - Air drag increases at the square of the speed so as the speed gets higher the force required to push the car through the air goes through the roof. As a practical demonstration we carried out a fuel consumption check on a Golf and this is what we found:
At 60mph the fuel consumption was X
At 70mph the fuel consumption was X
At 80mph the fuel consumption was X
So travelling at 60mph you are using X% less that you’re using at 80mph!

Rolling Resistance
Incorrect tyre pressures not only increase tyre wear but wastes fuel because of the increase in rolling resistance. Checking your tyre pressures costs nothing. If it does then let us reset them for you (we don’t charge!)

Engine efficiency
Warm the car up on the move; don’t waste fuel by warming the engine on the drive.
When did you last have the air cleaner & plugs checked?

Again sorry to repeat the obvious but one of the biggest factors for burning too much fuel is driving style. Concentrate on:

Braking smoothly by anticipating stopping distances
Accelerating gently
Changing gear early (between 2,000 and 3,000rpm)
Avoid roads with speed bumps, the constant slowing down & speeding up will hurt your pocket with increased fuel consumption


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