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Tips on getting your car through the test

A few simple checks can save time and money

It is surprising how main cars fail on small items, such as a blown light bulb or a worn out windscreen wiper blade.

Putting everything right before the test will save the inconvenience and expense of a re-test. It will also be a lot cheaper than paying labour on things that you can do yourself.

Make sure all the obvious items are working - Lights, horn, washers & wipers are the easy ones. If you see something and you’re not sure if it will affect the outcome of the test give us a ring or pop in.

If your diesel car is mainly used for short local runs the exhaust will be sooted up which may cause it to fail the emissions test. Give the car a good run (20 min) in a low gear with the revs held higher than you would normally drive to clear the soot out - See notes about diesel cars in


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